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After managing international yards, Victoria started 3 Day eventing in her late 20’s after returning to NZ.   She competed Advanced level and rode a team of horses for Frances Stead the owner of Clifton Eventers.

Victoria started dressage seriously 6 yrs ago from the bottom. A  good friend purchased Gosh for her when she was given him to ride, 9 months later the rode their first Grand Prix together and scored nearly 63%.  The visiting international Australian judge Maria Schwannsen having them as the win on over 65% - this was the highest score from a List 1 judge in a debut Grand Prix performance ever in New Zealand. Gosh & Victoria earned the Platinum Incentive Riders Award and also won the Inter ll Cushionride Quest with overall score of 64%. In 2013 Victoria & Gosh won the Grand Prix Championship at the Auckland Festival of Dressage and won the Inter ll Cushionride Quest for the second year running.

Victoria runs Elite Equine - High Performance Nutrition, along with Elite Dressage Horses - a small competition and breeding yard in Auckland New Zealand.


Gosh – Grand Prix -  NZ Sporthorse.

Auckland Championships 2013 (our second show together) – Won the Inter ll Cushionride Quest

3rd in our first Grand Prix with a score of 63%           

Astek Gymnast – 9 yrs Gym Bello (Han) x Rangeview Liebschnee (Trak)    Gelding Level 5.

2010 Grand Champion Young Dressage Horse and Champion 5 yr old

2010 National level 2 Champion, Champion Ridden Sporthorse at Horse Of The Year

2011 – FEI World Dressage Challenge Level 4 Challenge Winner and Zone Winner.

NZ Team member

Luminesse – Limonit (Han) x TB Mare 6 yrs (just broken in)

First season coming up. Will compete Level 2

Astek Galileo – 3 yr old  Gym Bello (Han) x Ravenna (Riverdance – Han)

Gelding (to be started in spring 2014)

Devoir EDH  - Hanoverian yearling Doringcourt (Han) x Luminesse (Han) (Limonit)

PROFESIONAL SERVICES:  Elite Equine - High Performance Nutrition

Elite Equine - High Performance Nutrition produce some of the highest quality exclusively organic supplements on the market.

Elite Equine offers you 5 100% organic formulas to maximise performance in every horse. Formulas also include patented functional nutrients to support, improve and protect all systems of the horse and improve feed utilisation whether they are hard working competitive horses, pleasure horses, breeding horses or growing horses. Their formulas are backed by 30 yrs of science and research, cold hard fact, not gimmicks or marketing.


Elite Dressage Horses is a small competition and breeding yard in Auckland New Zealand, with the aim to breed a small select number of high quality dressage horses with Grand Prix competition in mind.  Owned and operated by Grand Prix dressage rider and former Advanced 3 Day Event rider Victoria Wall.



Gosh has now retired on a high after winning the 2013 Grand Prix Championship at the Auckland Festival of Dressage & the Inter ll Cushionride Quest for the second year running!

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